Friday, 30 September 2011

Chrono Trigger coming to the PSN : Videogame News & Reviews ...

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The PSN is about to send you back in?time?

The PlaySta?tion blog reports Chrono Trig?ger, the clas?sic col?lab?o?ra?tion between some of the minds and tal?ents behind Final Fan?tasy and Dragon Quest, will be hit?ting the PlaySta?tion Net?work on Tues?day, Octo?ber 4. The game is widely renowned, and in this writer?s opin?ion is the finest Japan?ese RPG of all time. The game fea?tures a col?or?ful cast of heroes and vil?lains, rang?ing from pre?his?toric cave?women to robots in an epic, time-spanning plotline.

The game was also re-released ear?lier this year on the Wii Vir?tual Console.

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HTC Sensation Z710t becomes first smartphone to offer ST-Ericsson's NovaThor SoC

There's a new Sensation on the block that'll be making its way to China Mobile, but rather than rehashing more of the same, this release marks the first smartphone to place ST-Ericsson's NovaThor SoC under the hood. Unlike offerings from Qualcomm, the chip inside the Sensation Z710t offers a dual-core A9 processor along with connectivity to the carrier's TD-SCDMA infrastructure. Other specs are expected to remain the same, which includes a 4.3-inch qHD display and 8 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, press photos weren't released, which suggests its design hasn't changed. You'll find the full PR after the break, heralding this latest Sensation among the top-tier of China Mobile's offerings. While pricing or a release date have yet to be announced, we're inclined to agree.

Continue reading HTC Sensation Z710t becomes first smartphone to offer ST-Ericsson's NovaThor SoC

HTC Sensation Z710t becomes first smartphone to offer ST-Ericsson's NovaThor SoC originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 29 Sep 2011 08:22:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Time-lapse Tuesday: Mother-eating metamorphosis

Caitlin Stier, video intern

Sea urchins start life as freewheeling larvae, only to undergo a dramatic metamorphosis that turns them into bottom-dwellers. This video -?captured by Christian Sardet and a team from Tara Oceans Expedition and the Oceanological Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer in France - illustrates the transformation, which is usually barely visible to the naked eye, in one episode of its Plankton Chronicles series.

After fertilization, a round urchin embryo hollows out, acquiring a gut that allows it to suck in food particles and turn into a spindly, iridescent larva. Inside its calcium armour, which looks like a miniature Eiffel tower, a spiny baby urchin develops. As it grows, it eventually digests its mother and is set free.

The urchin's body looks completely different before and after its metamorphosis: the initially bilaterally symmetrical larva becomes a radially symmetrical adult. Many marine animals go through a similar transformations, which could be the key to the evolutionary radiation that occurred more than half a billion years ago, giving rise to the entire animal kingdom.

To find out more about how metamorphosis could have driven evolution, you can read our full-length feature here.

If you enjoyed this video, check out this psychedelic jellyfish as it dances for its dinner.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Amazon Prime Streaming Adds FOX TV Shows and Movies [Video]

Amazon just announced that they'll be adding FOX TV shows and movies to their Amazon Instant Video service for Amazon Prime members. That means shows like Arrested Development, 24, The X-Files, Buffy and even The Wonder Years will be available for unlimited instant streaming. Free 2-Day shipping and the Bluth family? What a steal. The FOX content will begin this fall. [Amazon] More »


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Monday, 26 September 2011

Insurance Quote Online ? Affordable Travel Insurance in Canada

With affordable travel insurance Canada you can rest assured that your trips will be a lot safer now. If you are thinking of taking a trip and engaging in several activities, then it would be wise to take travel insurance affordable easily today; it will provide you with the necessary coverage to meet unexpected situations that you may come across in the course of your travel.

With affordable travel insurance Canada available today, you can carefully spend your money even if you belong to the category of travelers on a tight budget. You might get lower rates too but the coverage might not be the same in all cases. Hence, it is extremely important that you first carefully check the coverage provided by each package. Normally this kind of insurance does not cover your entire travel costs but just a part of it. But then it is still better than having no travel insurance at all.

Don?t ever make the mistake of getting caught in an emergency medical situation without medical travel insurance Canada; it could prove to be very costly especially when you can get travel insurance affordable easily today.

As compared to the conventional travel insurance wherein you had to pay five percent of the cost of your trip, today you can get affordable travel insurance Canada for as little as three percent of the cost of your trip. If you are consulting a travel agent or buying your travel package on the Net then you are sure to find even better prices rather than if you were to search on your own; the bottom line is that it is definitely true that travel insurance affordable can be had easily today.

Affordable travel insurance Canada does not necessarily mean that it is different from the conventional travel policies or there is a reduction in the quality. Travel agents have come to realize that most travelers don?t look at it as a necessity and that if they provide travel insurance affordable to the traveler at a lower cost than their rivals, then the choice can be made in their favor.

Whenever you buy this travel insurance affordable Canada, don?t forget to compare the prices. Also, compare the kind of coverage provided by different companies. It is important that you are clear about everything that you might be interested in; if even a single issue is not clear, then you must make it a point to ask the insurance company before you make up your mind on choosing that particular affordable travel insurance Canada.

Many a time you are faced with an emergency situation like some health problem which has cropped up for you or a family member which means you have to call off your travel plans. If you do not have affordable travel insurance it can cause a lot of disappointment but if you do have it, then things get a lot easier. If you have travel insurance affordable, the insurance company will either postpone the trip or provide you a compensation for it. At least you will get some reimbursement which you can put to use to rearrange your travel plans.


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Genentech, ImmunoGen's Souped-Up Antibody for Breast Cancer ...

Luke Timmerman 9/24/11

The evidence is mounting to prove the point that Genentech?s scientists have been trying to make for years?that a souped-up version of its top-selling antibody drug for breast cancer can be more effective in some cases than the original.

Genentech, the South San Francisco-based unit of Roche, and its partner, Waltham, MA-based ImmunoGen (NASDAQ: IMGN), are announcing today that their experimental drug trastuzumab emtansine reached its main goal. This study enrolled 137 breast cancer patients with a mutated form of the HER2 protein who were getting a first round of treatment for disease that had spread. The trial showed that patients on the new drug (T-DM1) were alive and able to keep their tumors from further spreading for a median of 14.2 months, compared with 9.2 months for those who were randomly assigned to the standard trastuzumab (Herceptin) and chemotherapy.

What?s equally, if not more, interesting is that patients on the new medicine also reported about half as many cases of moderate to severe side effects?about 46.4 percent on the new medicine, compared with 89.4 percent on the standard drugs. And only 7.2 percent of patients on the new drug dropped out of the study because of adverse events, compared with 28.8 percent on the standard treatments.

The results are being reported today at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress in Stockholm, Sweden. Hal Barron, Genentech?s chief medical officer, called the results ?very exciting? in a company statement.

?Herceptin is a great drug, but we think we can be doing even more for patients,? says Genentech spokeswoman Krysta Pellegrino.

The results come from a mid-stage clinical trial, so Genentech still has to bolster its case through a series of ongoing pivotal trials before this drug can be cleared for sale by the FDA. But it?s an important step in the journey for this new drug, which is seeking to become part of an emerging class of therapies that combine an antibody?s ability to zero in specifically on cancer cells along with a toxin that?s supposed to deliver a knockout punch to tumors. If Genentech can confirm these results in these pivotal studies, then it could be in position to seek FDA approval for this ?supercharged? version of Herceptin. The original has been a huge boon to the company, producing more than $5 billion in annual worldwide sales, and analysts predict this new version will be huge, too. ImmunoGen, which helped develop the technology to link the antibody to the toxin, stands to collect royalties on worldwide sales if the new drug reaches the market.

About one year ago, researchers reported some interim results that hinted that Genentech was on the right track with this drug. Back then, researchers said ?Next Page ?

Luke Timmerman is the National Biotech Editor of Xconomy, and the Editor of Xconomy Seattle. E-mail him at or follow him on Twitter at


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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Certified Marriage Counselors for Family Relationships | Alaska ...

Talking to a separation therapist can help to work throughout the emotions and feeling. A separation can put down following a lot of baggage, including insecurities, anger, resentment, low self respect and much more. Many people never solve these issues but hold onto them and this permit them to aggravate like contaminated wound. Without curative these things, one could hold onto the cause problems in the normal life.

Marriage analysis can be difficult to go to because it is sometimes thought that the parties? relationship has been going bad for a number of years prior to seeking professional help. Because a divorce attorney is not equipped with any ability to understand when a client is actually in need of legal services to end their marriage or if that person is simply seeking some advice, it is best to ask that client whether they have considered marriage therapy.

This revenue that the analyst must first put out ongoing conflicts before opening to rebuild the bond.

Christian marriage therapy includes an evaluation of the intricacy which often falls into one of the succeeding 3 categories ? typical things for instance loss of closeness and disappointment to correspond, private complexity which expand throughout married life that include dishonest or insecurities in addition to the incapability to include the religious factor in relationship.

Therapy, with a highly skilled professional, is essential to steer the expressive minefield that is divorce, but so much can get in the way of subsequent during with treatment. It?s a bit of a conundrum. We?re stressed, dispirit for relief, fully aware that post divorce counseling is needed, but our lives continue hurtling forward.

Meals still need to be prepared. Despite the fact that we are disheartened, terrified by an unsure potential, and upset by the loss of love and security, life goes on. Finding the time, mustering the energy and summoning the enthusiasm to look for divorce counseling may seem impossible.

After evaluate the trouble, the next thing to do would be a discussion on wants and regret, mainly the husband and wife?s level of wish to enter into a separation process, the sensitivity of the level of communication, which might also include communicating with each other in bad ways, the disagreement resolution perspective, which often includes identifying the husband and wife?s understanding of equality and level of considerate for the other person?s feelings and judgment.

Marriage counseling is a form of analysis given to marital couples to solve marital troubles. Most troubles can be resolved by a short therapy session. Sometimes a lengthened treatment is compulsory in which the husband and wife meet the counselor separately and together numerous times. These sitting also facilitate to progress the relationship with partner by smoothening behavioral troubles and mending emotional and mental disorders.

Marriage analysis can be difficult to go to because it is sometimes thought that the parties? relationship has been going bad for a number of years prior to seeking professional help. Because a divorce attorney is not equipped with any ability to understand when a client is actually in need of legal services to end their marriage or if that person is simply seeking some advice, it is best to ask that client whether they have considered marriage therapy. This revenue that the analyst must first put out ongoing conflicts before opening to rebuild the bond.

Christian marriage therapy includes an evaluation of the intricacy which often falls into one of the succeeding 3 categories ? typical things for instance loss of closeness and disappointment to correspond, private complexity which expand throughout married life that include dishonest or insecurities in addition to the incapability to include the religious factor in relationship.

The level of their opposition will always end up formative how much trouble the couple would have communicating, it the communication might end up being stopped entirely. If it happens, it can have very serious consequence on both the partners plus their loved ones.

It is balanced to trust that many miscellaneous relations prospect being spoiled and the couple must try to level their divorce settlement without any more animosity. This is additional so if the kids are involved because it could be quite detrimental to them if their parents end up not communicating after their divorce comes through, since children take after their parents.

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Retail market returning to growth : Bogartier ? The Global Business ...

Poland-businessnews-retailPOLAND ? BUSINESS NEWS ? A report by CB Richard Ellis says that Poland?s retail market is once again on a ?fast development track? and that the country?s relatively stable economy and weakened currency have helped create an environment conducive to investment.

Although Poland?s retail market saw an annualized fall in the amount of total new space delivered in 2010, according to CBRE?s ?Retail Destinations Poland 2011? report, the real estate advisory firm suggests that it is now growing once again.

For the full-year 2010, some 360,000 of new GLA was brought to the market, compared to 830,000 a year earlier.

?There was a slowdown in the market [in 2010] but it was only temporary and the number of current projects again indicates an increase in supply. Since the beginning of 2011 more than 313,000 sqm of space has been opened, and the same amount could be delivered by the end of the year,? Karina Kreja, associate director in CBRE?s market research and consulting department, said in a statement.

At the end of the first half of 2011, Poland had a total of more than 8.5 million sqm of retail space in 370 projects throughout the country, ac-cording to CBRE. However, the advisory firm said the amount of commercial space available is ?still incomplete? and that there is ?little diversification? in the types of retail projects available.

While the report suggests that there is plenty of room for development still left in the Polish retail market, developers are advised to bring ?added-value? to consumers. CBRE says that firms are now trying to ?attract new brands to their projects, and that they are also revitalizing railway stations and introducing innovative architectural solutions.?

One problem that exists in the Polish retail sector, however, concerns the financial situation of tenants and potential tenants, who can?t always afford to finance space in new retail projects, according to CBRE?s report.

- By Ella Pa?ka

Read more news from Poland

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Dalkia expanding in the Polish market

Latin American and Caribbean Growth Will Be 4.7%

Property market in Shanghai cooled down

Sjaelso withdraws from Poland; everything for sale

South Africa promising 10-year growth outlook

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Sleep In Silence And Stop Snoring, Health & Fitness

Flatten your belly, fix the economic crisis and maybe get rich ... - Washington Examiner

You'll stop seeing so many friends and neighbors die young, ... fitness and support. The seven steps: 1. Get more sleep.

Slowing RB Adrian Peterson is Lions' top priority Sunday - Detroit News

Health/Fitness; Travel/Recreation ... if there was a blue print on how to stop him, you know, ... but he's the kind of guy that you can't go to sleep on. ...

Attack on Yemen opposition camp kills 17 - Orlando Sentinel

Dental Health; Obesity; Travel. Cruises ... said Saleh's return on Friday was a "major catastrophe" and called on Gulf and Western powers to stop him ... "We couldn't sleep because ...

The Essential Checklist for Good Dementia Care -

SLEEP FITNESS & EXERCISE ... we need to stop and change our stance from single decider to "partner in care ... Let him who can't sleep well at night help you keep ...

Patient Reviews: Putting Doctors on the Examining Table -

SLEEP FITNESS & EXERCISE DIET & NUTRITION; ... we engage in 100 million searches for health-related information online. [1] ... does your research stop there?

Road to Hampden: Coldstream make one of the longest journeys in ... - Daily Record

The focus remained on the game and young Adam Turner awaited a late fitness test to see if he had ... Not a wink of sleep but he was alert as a tack ... Health Clubs in Glasgow ...

Slaying Red army can cure blues - Independent

Kerry have to stop giving out ... But tomorrow morning we'll be up when the milkman turns over for his second sleep and dreamy lovers touch toes ... and health & fitness. ...

Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Can Be Hazardous For Human Health ... - Medical News Today

Sexual Health / STDs; Sleep / Sleep Disorders; Smoking / Quit Smoking; Sports Medicine / Fitness; Statins; ... (to stop spam) Your Name:*

Rescued from the trash can: Harper the deformed puppy is back on ... - Daily Mail

Health Science Money ... letting her sleep in bed with us, ... The Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness in Winter Park, Florida., ...

Vaccinating Infants Against Rotavirus Resulted In Dramatic ... - Medical News Today

Sexual Health / STDs; Sleep / Sleep Disorders; Smoking / Quit Smoking; Sports Medicine / Fitness; Statins; ... (to stop spam) Your Name:*


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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Appeals court hears challenge to health care law (AP)

WASHINGTON ? A conservative-leaning panel of federal appellate judges raised concerns about President Barack Obama's health care overhaul Friday, but suggested the challenge to it may be premature.

The arguments at the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington over a lawsuit against Obama's signature domestic legislative achievement focused on whether Congress overstepped its authority in requiring people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty on their taxes, beginning in 2014.

But Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a former top aide to President George W. Bush who appointed him to the bench, said that he has a "major concern" that courts might not be able to rule on the law's constitutionality until 2015. That's because a federal law bars most challenges to tax-related legislation before the tax or penalty is paid.

A federal appeals court in Richmond cited that law in throwing out another challenge to the overhaul. Two other appeals courts have reached differing conclusions ? one declaring the law unconstitutional and the other upholding it. The Supreme Court is expected to weigh in and could possibly even decide to review the law before the Washington circuit issues an opinion.

The Washington case was brought by the American Center for Law and Justice, a legal group founded by evangelist Pat Robertson, on behalf of five Americans who chose not to buy health insurance because of religious beliefs that God heals their afflictions or a holistic approach to medical care. Their attorney, Edward White, told the appellate judges that one of the plaintiffs, Charles Edward Lee of San Antonio, is so devoted to faith healing that he hasn't been to a doctor in 20 years and has told his family that even if he has a heart attack or is hit by a car just to pray for him and not seek medical care.

White argued the health care act passed by Congress is unconstitutional. "Congress cannot force people into private commerce and to buy a private product for the rest of their lives," White said.

But Kavanaugh pointed out that Congress has the power to regulate commerce and can require insurance companies to cover all Americans. "It won't work without an individual mandate attached to it," Kavanagh said. He also theorized that the health care law could mark the shift in the social safety net to private industry. "Why should the court risk getting in the middle of that?" the judge questioned.

But later, when questioning government attorney Beth Brinkman, Kavanaugh and the panel's other Republican-appointed judge, Laurence Silberman, expressed concern that if the court upholds the requirement to buy health insurance, Congress could require Americans to buy a wide variety of other products. Kavanaugh said that could include individual retirement accounts to replace Social Security and Silberman wondered if wealthy Americans could be required to buy a car from General Motors if the company falls toward bankruptcy again.

Brinkman responded that the government isn't requiring Americans to buy health care for the product's own sake, but to finance the system as part of an expanded regulatory scheme.

A requirement to buy a product "has never been done in 222 years," Kavanaugh said. "That alone is cause for judicial hesitation."


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Friday, 23 September 2011

Ron Paul yuks it up (Powerlineblog)

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Work Comp Roundup - Reduce Your Workers' Compensation ...

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently announced that individuals with disabilities will have greater access to inter city, commuter and high-speed train travel as a result of a new rule requiring new station platform construction or significant renovation to enable those with disabilities to get on and off any car on a train, according to a report from the agency.



?This will help give passengers with disabilities better access to rail travel across the country,? said LaHood. ?By putting this protection in place, passengers with disabilities will be able to get on and off any accessible car that is available to passengers at a new or altered station platform.? (WCxKit)



The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is amending its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations to require inter city, commuter and high-speed passenger railroads to ensure, at new and significantly renovated station platforms, that passengers with disabilities can get on and off any accessible car of the train.? Passenger railroads must provide level-entry boarding at new or altered stations in which no track passing through the station and adjacent to platforms is shared with existing freight rail operations.?



For new or altered stations in which track shared with existing freight rail operations precludes compliance, passenger railroads will be able to choose among a variety of means to meet a performance standard to ensure that passengers with disabilities can access each accessible train car that other passengers can board at the station. These options include providing car-borne lifts, station-based lifts, or mini-high platforms.?



The Department will review a railroad?s proposed method to ensure that it provides reliable and safe services to individuals with disabilities in an integrated manner.?



The rule also requires that transit providers carry a wheelchair and occupant if the lift and vehicle can physically accommodate them, unless doing so is inconsistent with legitimate safety requirements.? (WCxKit)



In addition, it codifies the existing DOT mechanism for issuing ADA guidance and makes minor technical changes to the Department?s ADA rules.



Author Robert Elliott, executive vice president, Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc. has worked successfully for 20 years with many industries to reduce Workers Compensation costs, including airlines, healthcare, printing/publishing, pharmaceuticals, retail, hospitality and manufacturing. See for more information. Contact:


Do not use this information without independent verification. All state laws vary. You should consult with your insurance broker or agent about workers comp issues.


?2011 Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved under International Copyright Law. If you would like permission to reprint this material, contact


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Thursday, 22 September 2011

like a hobo [ic]

Laying next to Mona was Roxana. Her soft breathes could be her within the ten as her chest lifted and fell with it. Her red hair had been braided the night before but it was a mess. Her curls were sticking out here and there. At the sound of leaves crunching, Roxie opened her green eyes. She glanced around the tent. The only signs that someone was a little awake was Bitsky with his blanket over his head. She gave a yawn, slowly sitting up. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes before looking at Mona. She reached out and poked her in the cheek gently. She giggled softly when she didn't seem to wake. She had always known she was a hard sleeper but she still tested it every morning. She pulled her blanket off her lap and wrapped around her shoulders.

Carefully, she climbed over Bitsky, Nick, Mal, and Wally. Which meant that her that she nearly tugged on Mal's her, she brushed Nick's blanket off, nearly fell on top of Wally, and brushed her foot against Bitsky's stomach as she crawled out into the sunlight. She probably had just waken them all up but she didn't notice as she bounded off to a near by brook that they had purposely made their tent by.

Roxie slipped the blanket off her shoulders and laid it out on the grass and slipped off her boots. She pulled her skirt up so from her most of her legs were exposed and she took a seat on a large rock. She put her feet into the cold water and shivers involuntarily. She leaned down and rinsed her legs off then her arms before splashing water on her face carefully. She shook her hands until they were mostly dry before she wiped them off on her long shirt. She even used her skirt to dry off her feet so she could put back on her shoes. Had it been warmer she would have fully submerged herself in the water before letting herself dry off under the sun.

Slipping her shoes back on, she could up and went over to her blanket, plopping down. She started to hum softly as she pulled the ribbon out of her hair and started combing the knots out of her hair with her fingers. If no one woke up soon, she'd go search for food, even though the others told her it wasn't a good idea for her to try to find them things to eat in the woods. She could bring them back some sort of poisonous mushrooms or something.


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Aluminium Recycling in the UK | AutoRoll - News and Society

Materials made out of aluminium are widely used in packaging of various products particularly canned food and drinks. Due to its enormous usage, aluminum material wastes have increased across the world. To try to lessen the wastes and to protect the environment, can recycling
facilities have gone up. In the present, a lot of states have an aluminum recycling rate of over 70%.

Aluminium can
recycling is very practical because aluminum materials can be reused irrespective of how many times it is recycled. Recycled cans can be employed to package fresh products. Except for the proven fact that aluminium materials can be recycled consistently, voters can collect lots of cans and sell it to varied recycling centres. In the United Kingdom, there are way more than 300 recycling centres that exchange aluminum cans for money.

Yearly , there are approximately 7 million aluminum cans containing drinks sold in the UK. So , rather than just throwing these cans away, you can just put them on a fresh bin and sell them to these facilities. Through recycling aluminium cans, the utilising of raw materials for product packaging and other manufacturing industries will be reduced. This could result to efficient utilization of energy and natural resources.

According to studies and reports, when UK aluminium can
recycling becomes prevalent each year, it can result to lesser loaded trashcans. The decrease would amount to 12 million. In addition, when a single aluminum can is recycled, it can save energy identical to a 100 watt light working for 20 minutes or a TV set running for 3-4 hours. One can recycled indeed can save lots of energy.

These are a selection of the major advantages in recycling aluminium:

Recycled aluminum may be employed to make new cans. Therefore , in just a span of 6 weeks the old can is reused and brought to the market in a new can.

Recycling 1 tonne of aluminum has the facility to seriously reduce global temperature increases, saving 9 tonnes of Carbon emissions.

8 new cans can be reproduced employing a single can in a span of a year. It can save a sufficient amount of energy that can produce has a grand total of 160 aluminium cans.

Wherever you are you can recycle aluminum cans. If you're a student, you can start school programs whereby you can collect scrap cans and take them to recycling facilities. This may be of benefit as you can earn money and use them for other projects. At home, you can segregate aluminum cans and exchange them for money to have further earnings.

Aluminium canrecycling is extremely practical because aluminum materials can be reused no matter how many times it is recycled. Apart from the undeniable fact that aluminium materials can be recycled constantly, voters can collect plenty of cans and sell it to numerous recycling centers. Thru UK aluminium can
recycling, the use of raw materials for product packaging and other manufacturing industries will be reduced. In addition, when a single aluminum can is recycled, it can save energy equivalent to a 100 watt bulb working for 20 minutes or a Television set running for 3-4 hours.


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Monday, 19 September 2011

Better To Buy Or To Reface Kitchen Cabinets? | All About Home ...

What?s better ? refacing kitchen cabinets or going for new ones? Even though price is certainly an issue, it isn?t the only question to consider.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing kitchen cabinets is gaining a lot of popularity these days as everyone is trying to cut costs. Basically, refacing kitchen cabinets gives them a new look, like a new paint job on a car. Additionally, the look of the cabinets can be changed by buying new doors and new decorative handles for the doors.

Kitchen cabinet refacing involves matching the new doors and the existing cabinet frame with a veneer. When it is all said and done, the end result is a kitchen that looks like new, for a fraction of the price of buying all new cabinets and hardware.

Buying New Kitchen Cabinets

Buying new is pretty self explanatory. The drawback with this method is that the old cabinets need to be removed, and then replaced by new cabinets. Buying new cabinets almost always costs more than refacing old cabinets, but may be the best alternative if the existing cabinets are damaged or inherently unattractive.


Refacing or New?

Ultimately, the decision has to be made by the homeowner ? it may be better to invest in new kitchen cabinets than to spend the time and energy involved in refacing them? While the obvious choice seems to be refacing, purchasing new kitchen cabinets can be much more affordable in the long run.

Many kitchen cabinet retailers actually work with kitchen cabinet wholesalers and it?s possible to find new kitchen cabinets that are on sale, or even on clearance. This may allow for getting new cabinets while still keeping costs under control. However, that still doesn?t address who will take out the old kitchen cabinets and who will put in the new ones.

That said, it would be a mistake to think that refacing kitchen cabinets is an easy project for anyone to do. There are many nuances that can make the job a lot more challenging than a novice might think. What might initially seem like a money saving option can quickly turn into a complete waste if the end result is a kitchen that looks as if an amateur installed the cabinets.

Explore the Options

Exploring all the possible options is the best remedy for this quandary. By looking at all the pros and cons on both sides of the fence it?s easier to decide which direction to take any kitchen remodeling project to get the best results possible.

At BarrWood Cabinets our objective is to aid you in discovering the perfect cabinets for you at a cost that fits your budget. Our expert staff is here to answer any concerns about your kitchen cabinets and is committed to you being happy with your new kitchen. For more info, please call us right now at 770-737-4696.

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hook Up Your Game Systems to Your Home Computer with USB ...

This is a brief article on "Hook Up Your Game Systems to Your Home Computer with USB Cables" Though most of the time this matter has not been given it's suitable portion in the media but nowadays masses are communicating concerning Console Systems and sharing knowledge concerning Console Systems. Experts propose that if the topic is important to you then you got to examine it with complete concentration and not scan over the writing.

This article is work of Abraham David. If you want to take this piece of writing please link back to this web page. Article on "Hook Up Your Game Systems to Your Home Computer with USB Cables" starts after this.

Article Starts from Here:

Presently, there are a lot of gaming systems coming out of the market with features that you never thought you would ever see in a game system. In the past, a game system is ordinarily just a game system with simple graphics and an even simpler game play. However, with today?s technology, game systems have evolved to a new level. Not only are game systems today used for games, but it can now be used as a medium for different entertainment purposes.

Game systems today can now play DVD movies, play music CDs, and can even play MP3s. The possibilities and potential of game systems being developed today are endless. You can now connect through the internet using your game system and play with other people from all over the world.

In the past, you may just imagine that a game system can only be played locally through two players. However, because of the advancement in computer and communications technology, game systems today now have the capability to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Now, you can even connect the latest game system available in the market to your own PC by using the USB port. If your PC has USB ports, you will be able to connect different game consoles in your PC.

For example, if you have a PSP or PlayStation Portable, you can plug it in your PC and download or upload MP3s, pictures, and videos. With this kind of feature, you can now have the capability to transfer files from one PC to another by just using your PSP. Another great thing about this is that your PSP will be able to charge through the USB port.

There are even USB cables that are capable of converting your gaming system?s controllers and use it to play with your favorite PC games. By simply purchasing this kind of adaptor, you will never need to purchase expensive controllers for your PC. All you have to do is purchase a USB adaptor for your game console?s controller and you can start playing your PC games by using the controller.

New versions of the game consoles that are being developed by game system manufacturers are now making use of the USB port to connect to your home PC for maximum features.

With all the different game consoles coming out of the market with USB capability, you could only imagine what these machines will be capable of after its release in the market. With what gaming consoles were before, you can see how short the evolution of these machines. You may even remember playing with the simple game systems that only consists of simple graphics and sounds.

Now, with USB capability, you can truly maximize the way you play your game and also maximize the use of your gaming console. Gaming systems are no longer limited to playing games; you can now maximize its use through the USB port.

In the very near future, you can most probably store MP3?s, picture files, and videos in your game system?s memory cards by just using your USB port. Maybe even transfer your computer files to a DVD or CD by connecting your DVD burning capable game console through USB and write your computer files on DVD by using your DVD burner integrated in the game console.

Internet connection through USB connection is now also possible. If you don?t have an online adapter installed in your game console, there are available adaptors that can take advantage of your PC internet connection and let your game system connect to the internet by just using the USB connector in your PC.

With the different technology now available in the market, you can now make use of your PC to benefit your game system or your game system to benefit your PC. Who knows? Maybe in the near future, game systems will be able to let you play head to head with PC gamers by just using a USB connector.

Before we carry on with the article allow me disclose that anything in this article on "Hook Up Your Game Systems to Your Home Computer with USB Cables"is my view, please carry out your examination ahead of taking any action. You should check with a specialist of this field. is not responsible for any damages of any kind that may arise from applying information contained in this article.

The possibilities that the USB offers are endless. You can download MP3s, videos, and even pictures from your PC to your handheld game systems, you can use your game system?s controllers for your PC and other benefits by just using the USB port in your PC to connect to your game systems.

Thanks for spending time on this article. You have to link to this page if you want to take this article any function. I hope you appreciated what I wrote on "Hook Up Your Game Systems to Your Home Computer with USB Cables". I would be delighted to know what you think regarding it, negative or positive. Please put down a comment below and show me you are alive.

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Brazil judge's murder points to vigilante power (AP)

RIO DE JANEIRO ? Judge Patricia Acioli was known for wielding a "heavy hammer," especially against rogue police who have formed illegal vigilante gangs. She had put more than 60 officers behind bars, most of them for murder.

The Rio de Janeiro state judge paid for that fearlessness: Acioli was shot to death in front of her house last month. And all of the 21 bullets that hit her came from a lot issued to police, including some in Sao Goncalo, the city where she worked.

While violence and impunity are common in Brazil, the brazen murder of Acioli was an especially heavy blow, a message of intimidation from the vigilante militias.

The slaying was "a wound to the lawful state, to democracy; the figure of the judge is a symbol of justice," said Denise Frossard, a retired judge who presided over some of Rio's first cases against the militias in the 1990s. "If she is a judge and can be killed, how can a citizen feel secure enough to be a witness?"

Acioli's death was the first murder of a judge in the state's history, though Frossard herself survived three assassination attempts and had eight security guards ensuring her safety while she was on the bench.

Violent militias have grown in power and scope in recent years, taking over poor communities formerly controlled by drug dealers and coercing residents to pay for illegal utility hookups, transportation, and security. Their members include former and current police, firefighters and jail guards. Investigators say they have elected members as state and city legislators. They also have been praised by politicians, including Rio de Janeiro's mayor, for taking back swaths of territory from drug gangs.

A probe by the state legislature in 2008 found militias were connected to execution-style killings, far-reaching extortion schemes, and the kidnapping and torture of a group of journalists investigating the gangs' activities.

Acioli had been repeatedly threatened for taking on the police officers who were part of the gangs, and she had written letters to her superiors requesting protection. One week before her murder, she went to Rio police's internal affairs office and said she was being threatened by officers from Sao Goncalo, where she worked, and Niteroi, where she lived.

The last case on her docket on Aug. 11, the day she died, involved policemen charged with executing an 18-year-old man in a slum. One of her last acts as a judge was to authorize their arrest.

A month later, three of the same San Goncalo police officers were charged with her murder.

The suspects knew the judge would ask for their arrest, and wanted to stop her, said Felipe Ettore, the head of Rio's homicide division, in a press conference this week. They didn't know she'd already issued the order.

"Their way of stopping her was to kill her," Ettore said. "They went to court and followed Patricia to her front door."

Nationwide, the lives of 134 judges are currently under threat, according to the National Council for Justice, which oversees the judiciary branch in Brazil. Requests for protection from magistrates jumped 400 percent in the month since Acioli's death, according to the Brazilian Association of Judges.

The killing prompted the United Nations special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Gabriela Knaul, to urge Brazilian authorities to protect those charged with enforcing the law.

"The assassination of Judge Acioli is evidence of the existence of a pervasive and serious problem regarding the protection of judges in Brazil," said Knaul, a Brazilian judge herself.

Acioli's caseload was taken on by three other judges. Seven prosecutors are now working with them.

"Her death did bring on a fear among prosecutors and judges; they're human, and it's natural to think, 'That could be me tomorrow,'" said Claudio Lopes, Rio state's attorney general. "But if this was done to intimidate justice, it is backfiring. We will be more rigorous than ever."

The work is not only dangerous, it's difficult. Militias infiltrate the state from local police departments to state legislatures. They have a particularly nefarious effect on the legal system because they blur the boundaries between legitimate agents of the law and criminals, Lopes said.

"They're often composed of people credentialed by the state to promote public safety, and they turn against the state, against the public," he said. "They usurp the authority of the state. In this way, they are a danger that goes deeper than drug traffickers."

Even a few years ago, some politicians still praised militias for doing what the state couldn't do: take on drug dealers entrenched in the city's shantytowns.

Former Rio Mayor Cesar Maia welcomed them as a "lesser evil" and a form of "community self-defense" against drug gangs, according to the newspaper O Globo in 2006.

Current Mayor Eduardo Paes praised militias in a July 2008 interview on Globo television, saying they "brought peace to the population" in areas where the state had lost sovereignty to drug lords.

Such views are changing as the body count rises. The 2008 investigation led by Marcelo Freixo, head of the state legislature's human rights commission, led to the arrest of one state representative and six city council members for militia activity. Hundreds were arrested on other charges because of information detailed in the report.

One of those arrested, Rio City Councilman Luiz Andre Ferreira da Silva, is accused of plotting to kill the city's police chief and Freixo.

In Sao Goncalo, 34 officers were put on leave after Acioli's death because they face serious criminal charges such as murder, according to Rio state's Supreme Court. Arrest warrants have been issued for 28 of them.

In spite of the threats to Acioli, court officials had cut her security detail from four to one in 2007, said Tecio Lins e Silva, an attorney representing her family.

"This is a matter involving my life, and it is very important," Acioli wrote in a letter appealing the decision. "I don't understand the treatment being given to the case."

But the security officers were not reinstated. At the moment she was shot, no one was there to protect her.


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