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Radio Shack drops iPad 2 prices $20-50, swears it has nothing to do with the iPad 3

There's a lot of signs pointing to the release of a brand new iPad floating around these days: myriad rumors, retina displays, and even Apple event invites. Now, a freshly taken pic from an anonymous tipster has given us a little more grease for the iPad 3 rumor mill. As you can see above, starting today all iPad 2 SKUs at Radio Shack are getting $20-50 lopped off their prices, which sure seems like a good way to clear out stock to make room for a newer, pricier version. And, the good news for Apple fans doesn't stop there, as the Shack will also be discounting the iPhone 4 and 4S by $25 from March 1st - 4th. So, is this more evidence of the iPad 3, or just a retailer trying to move more product? We'll know for sure next week.

[Thanks, Anonymous]

Radio Shack drops iPad 2 prices $20-50, swears it has nothing to do with the iPad 3 originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 28 Feb 2012 14:32:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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The management of recurrent prostate cancer after first-line therapy ...

Traditionally, men with prostate cancer who had recurrent disease after first-line surgery or first-line radiation therapy had a limited number of treatment options, but we are now seeing a significant expansion in the range of options available (although limited data are as yet available to support the effectiveness of nearly all these options).

Newer options for second-line (?salvage?) treatment of men with a rising PSA after first-line?therapy now appear to include at least some and perhaps all of the following:

  • External beam?radiation therapy (EBRT) of various types in men initially treated with?brachytherapy, cryotherapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Brachytherapy in men initially treated with surgery, ?EBRT, and HIFU
  • HIFU in men initially treated with surgery, brachytherapy, and EBRT
  • Cryotherapy in men treated with surgery, brachytherapy, and EBRT

To these we can of course add the more traditional options of

  • A second HIFU treatment after first-line HIFU
  • Salvage surgery after EBRT, brachytherapy, cryotherapy, and HIFU
  • Salvage EBRT after surgery and HIFU
  • Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT or hormonal therapy), which is never curative on its own, after just about anything.

We have no intention of trying to provide a detailed review of the pros and cons of all of the available options. For starters, we doubt that sufficiently good data are available to be able to offer a really useful review of all of the options. Rather, our goal is to merely make men aware that these options do, in fact, exist, although the information on quality of patient outcomes needs to be very carefully considered in coming to any conclusions about the relative merits of each individual option.

We have, for example, commented within the past few months on data from an experienced HIFU team about their?outcomes using second-line HIFU in men with a rising PSA after first-line EBRT.

We have also noted two other recent papers/presentations that also seem to be?of some interest.

Gomez-Veiga et al. have discussed experience of using salvage brachytherapy in?men with biochemical progression after EBRT and after surgery. According to this review:

  • 5-year biochemical progression-free survival (bPFS) rates following salvage brachytherapy in men after EBRT are of the order of 20-87 percent.
  • One study has reported a 10-year bPFS rate of 54 percent from the use of salvage brachytherapy after first-line EBRT.
  • In men receiving salvage brachytherapy for radical prostatectomy failure, reported bPFS rates?range from?25.8 percent?at a median follow-up of of 29 months to 70 percent?at a median follow-up of?20 months.
  • A recent Spanish study of the use of salvage brachytherapy in a series of 42 patients with failure following radical prostatectomy shows
    • A 5-year bPFS rate?of 88.6 percent
    • A prostate?cancer-specific survival rate of 97 percent
    • Relatively low?complication rates

Gomez-Veiga et al. state that ?Optimization of salvage brachytherapy is under way and involves accurate placement of seeds, dose optimization and optimal patient selection.? There would appear to be little doubt that ? for some carefully selected patients ? salvage brachytherapy may be an appropiate option, but we need a great deal more data to rellly validate this option.

In a presentation at the European Association for Urology meeting just the other day (as reported on the Medscape web site), Barentz gave a report on a very small number of men treated with multiparametric MRI-guided cryotherapy as a salvage treatment after failure of EBRT.

Dr. Barentz is clearly enthused by the potential of multiparametric MRI-guided cryotherapy, not only as a salvage therapy for radiation failure but also as a first-line form of treatment. However, the number of patients treated to date with salvage MRI-guided cryotherapy is small (n = 9); the follow-up is very short (5 men have been followed for just 3 months so far); and (again) we are going to need to see a lot more data before one could look seriously at this type of cryotherapy as becoming a ?standard? form of treatment that might be used in the salvage setting (or as a first-line therapy).

A statement made by Dr. Barentz is somewhat concerning to us. According to the Medscape report, Dr, Barentz is quoted as follows:

Whenever you have a negative TRUS biopsy, you need to conduct?[a multiparametric]?MRI and then a more targeted biopsy. The study shows that by using MR-guided biopsy, you find tumors that would have otherwise been undetected in 41% of patients.

Here in the United States, every year, hundreds of thousands of men have negative TRUS-guided biopsies in the search for prostate cancer. In our opinion it would be less than wise to start arguing that every single one of those men ought to have an MRI-guided, targeted?biopsy. Many of them would be found to have prostate cancer that is either clinically indolent or potentially clinically insignificant. For men who have a negative TRUS-guided biopsy and a PSA that continues to rise, the argument may well be different, but we think Dr. Barentz?s enthusiasm for his new technique may have led to something of an overstatement ? or maybe his quotation was taken out of context.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Harvard group seeks degrees for gays expelled (AP)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]AP - Students and faculty at Harvard University are urging administrators to award posthumous degrees to seven students expelled from the Ivy League school in 1920 because they were gay or perceived to be gay.


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Make Use of the 5-Day Detox Diet to ... - New Health and Fitness

New Health And Fitness.Org - Health Information You Can Use

Every day life gets a little harder?there are bigger stressors, poisons in the air and foods we eat and drink and of course, the pressure of everyday life does not help much either. These can also have horrible effects on your body so every once in a while you really need to cleanse your body. You might not think your body is that unhealthy from sucking in car exhaust or other toxic substances but it can build up in time and sooner or later the effects begin to be felt.

For this reason, you have to have a detox for your body to restore your health, in order to have a healthy mind and carry on with healthy relationships with the people around you. The human body is great at treating itself but after a while the toxins can build up and your body needs a bit of help to go back to normal. When your bodily tissues get very stressed, they have a tendency to fail to function properly which can cause all sorts of problems and have a damaging effect on the cleansing process. To help your body get cleansed, there is a 5-day detox plan that will not only renew your body, but your spirit too.

The 5-day detox plan comes with a diet in which several foods are completely avoided but lots of fruit and green leafy veggies are consumed. When undergoing a detoxification, fats, oils, preservatives and food additives should be eliminated, totally. As meat is hard to break down, you need to swear off all meat during these days?or at least get rid of a couple of them. A few of the foods that are the most effective with this diet program are garlic, nuts, broccoli, beans and beets. The only thing you should drink aside from water (the universal solvent) during one of these diets is grapefruit juice. Water is one of the big factors in any cleansing diet since it flushes all of the toxins out of your body through your perspiration and excrement.

Although you eat much less food during a cleanse, you will not starve. Since the only foods you will actually eat are healthy foods that are good for your digestive system, you?ll have more stamina than you did before. If you are uncertain about the detoxification procedure, you might want to speak with a nutritionist or professional to find the best one for your body. As the toxins get flushed out of your body, you?ll feel worse but if you keep going you?ll get lots of new energy and also better alertness both mentally and physically. We all know just how important it is to be clean outside but nobody thinks about what works best for being clean on the inside.

You know how well you feel and if you start to feel run down it may be good to start a cleansing program. Just living in a polluted environment is putting toxic substances in your body, and they can?t be avoided.

Lola De Burgh gives advice about Detox Diet as well as Angular Cheilitis. To know more about Angular Cheilitis Home Remedies click here.

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Getting Problems With Your Home Based Business? Try out These ...

Liza R. Chambers is a good lawyer.

Do not feel like you are the only one who has a tough time locating solid information about immigration lawyer Chicago. It is easy to feel like you want to stop trying when you cannot quite seem to come across vital information. The funny part, maybe, is there is enough content on the net, but you are still not sure if the sources are trustworthy. That is something every person who has looked for information has encountered. Well, we want to provide you with a few proven points and suggestions about this subject that you can verify quite easily.

On this economy today, it can make plenty of good sense to bear in mind working from home, instead of working another job, when you can locate one. If you?re planning on starting up a house enterprise, or you currently have 1 but would like to improve, this short article has several valuable tips to help you become successful with your home business.

Physicians and dentists can hang their shingle outside the house their home as long as they work in an business office there, however are you? Speak to your city hall to see if you?re allowed to place signs up on your own property or home or any other area that you want to set advertising and marketing, which means you don?t end up having a hefty good!

Utilize a individual phone number for home and business when you are managing a enterprise through your house. This helps to ensure that you can expect to not using unrelated cell phone calls during your enterprise several hours. And also this assists in preserving a different state of mind for house and function time, which can be vital to keep from experiencing as though you will be working at all times.

Never even start to feel that you are going to retain the textbooks and manage every one of the accounting like the taxation on your own. You must employ a trustworthy accountant to help you maintain your textbooks. You are likely to be also active making sure your business is working appropriately.

The relative impact of Chicago immigration attorney on your situation can be remarkable and cause issues of all varieties. No one really can effectively address all the different situations that could arise with this particular topic. That is really a lot when you think about it, so just the briefest moment to mention something. After all we have read, this is appropriate and powerful information that should be regarded. Our final few items can really prove to be powerful considering the overall.Never blog post your home street address on the web or on your own enterprise cards. Open a PO Package which you will use for those enterprise connected problems. There are plenty of ridiculous people worldwide and also you tend not to would like to provide them with instructions to your home.

Enroll in an affiliate system and then sell your products or services via them also. You may search the internet to find several that can meet up with your needs. This allows your home enterprise to exchange affiliate hyperlinks and reach a larger customer base, leading to improved product sales to your item. It is quick and easy to register.

Considering starting up a canine jogging enterprise? This could be a good idea if you like puppies, would really like the everyday physical exercise, and they are secure dealing with puppies of various dimensions. Recruit potential customers by setting up flyers at vets? places of work, with the nearby canine playground, or with the food store.

Any home business proprietor may benefit from half an hour of yoga exercises each day. Although you may just do it through your couch you will find that it relaxes you, assists reduce tension, and maintains you limber. It will also provide a great break through your perseverance, which everyone can use every now and then!

Before you begin a house enterprise, locate a coach in your discipline who could give some guidance about how to begin your small business. A seasoned veteran can provide invaluable assistance about taxation and working your small business, and may also have a network of contacts that one could consider should you need a lot more guidance.

Many of these tips could confirm beneficial ? probably even important ? to future home business users. Because each and every home business is unique, it depends on their unique users to place with each other a suitable technique. This post is merely the tip of your home business assistance iceberg there will certainly be relevant assistance readily available for any home business.

As you can clearly understand, this is a simple approach that you can use any time you need it. So take a close examination of what is necessary, and then cautiously choose the correct Chicago immigration lawyer points and information that applies. It is easier than you think to read something that looks good, but it can be outdated. We feel the the greater part of people mean well on the internet. What is up next really can have an effect on your unique outcomes.


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Call to help QEH cancer patients Feel Better


Search for a car


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Gunman kills 2 US military advisers in Afghanistan

Milan Fashion Week (+ photos) Milan Fashion Week (+ photos)

While fashionistas race from show to show to see the latest designer creations, Milan's confetti-strewn streets reverberated?

  Stone rocking against the clock Stone rocking against the clock

With Rod Stewart and Roger Waters proving there's still life in the old boys of rock, Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood is also?

Jonah Lomu back in hospital Jonah Lomu back in hospital

All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu is back in hospital on dialysis, his wife and manager Nadene has revealed. In a text to TVNZ?

Sexpresso has Italian town frothing Sexpresso has Italian town frothing

A sultry barmaid's desire to serve coffee and beer in risque attire has left the womenfolk of a small Italian town frothing. Laura?

Should Sir Douglas Graham be stripped of his knighthood?

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Strong quake hits Taiwan, causing minor damage (AP)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]AP - A strong earthquake struck Taiwan on Sunday, causing minor damage in the southern part of the island. There were no immediate reports of casualties and no tsunami warning was issued.


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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tips on Evaluating Personal Finance Software - Rosey Lakos

The personal finance software you use can be an important decision, as finding a good program can allow you to get a handle on your finances. These software can give you a clearer understanding of your financial situation and even advise you on issues like savings, budgeting and investing. The personal finance software considerations that we?ll be talking about below can help you decide what kind of program is best for you.

Before you enter any information into a financial software program, you want to be certain that it?s secure and safe. If you?re using an online program, look into what kind of security measures the service provides. When registering for one of these services, always create a new and complicated password. Downloading a personal finance program is generally more secure than using an online one, but if you do this be sure that you have at least one extra copy of everything in case of a computer problem. It can be a serious problem if you have everything stored in one place and your computer crashes. As long as your data is stored in at least one other place, such as a thumb drive, you don?t have to worry about losing it.

Moneydance is personal finance software that?s not as well known as Microsoft Money or Quicken, but that has features that make it worthy of consideration. The navigation is simple to figure out with this program, which is always an advantage. It?s convenient to be able to have a quick view of your finances at one glance and to be able to easily update your data or account info. With this software you can easily pay your bills online. There?s also a generous free trial period for Moneydance that gives you 100 transactions. By then, you?ll have a good idea of whether or not if it?s for you. is such a broad field of study, and you do have to decide which of the overall pieces of the puzzle are more relevant to you.

But that can vary slightly, and it really just will depend on how you want to use the information.

If you utilize a Macintosh, iBank 4 is one of the personal finance software programs to contemplate over. This is a user friendly program that many Mac users find helpful to manage their finances. You can effortlessly keep an eye on your account balances, and furthermore watch your investments. It permits you to import transactions from an array of programs, like Quicken for Mac, and also to export to TurboTax to file your taxes. It gives you a free 30 day trial with support, so you can try it for a whole month before deciding whether to keep it. If you do want to continue using it, the price is quite reasonable at around $60. iBank 4 is a good choice if you use a Mac and want a finance program with a wide variety of helpful features.

Whether you download a program or use an online service, there are many good personal finance software. Part of what makes the latest editions of these programs so good is that they?re made to be simple to use. You?ll find that it?s easier to track your budget and finances if you regularly use one of these software programs.


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Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer 610A ...

Why buy refurbished fitness equipment? Well, if you?re looking for a great fitness workout but you?re tight on the budget then this might just be what you are looking for. Refurbished fitness equipment is an equipment previously owned but is restored to a sellable condition. This means that it still gets the job done at a lesser price. You can just imagine the savings you get from buying refurbished fitness equipment. That being said let me introduce you to revolutionary fitness exercise equipment designed to give you all the training you need at a lesser price. Here?s some information on Total Body Arc Trainer Cybex 610A

Average Rating: 9.5 of 10 stars

Key Features:

Has a resistance range of 0 ? 900 Watts though 101 levels are available in Manual mode Can go up to 11 inclined challenging levels Have 10 level programes including Quick Start, Hill Interval, Manual, Weight Loss Training, Cardiac Exercise and Strength Training Has a 7?10 dot matrix graphic display that shows vital information including distance, calories, METs, watts, time, incline and resistance level, as well as multi-color indication of heart rate range Heart rate is monitored via heart rate grips although it is Polar? compatible

Price: Approximately $3,375.00

Product Description:

Even if it is refurbished fitness equipment, the Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer 610A still looks extremely good with its unique design evolving from its award winning predecessor the Cybex Arc Trainer 600A. Just with one look we?re sure that you?ll fall in love with this fitness equipment. It has patent pending Same Side Forward (SSF) motion that maintains the user?s posture and coordinates upper and lower body movements at the same time. This means that whether you are a moderate intensity user or high intensity user, you can be sure to exercise without worrying about putting extra stress on your back. The unique and innovative SSF motion lets you target or have lower or upper body workouts.

Product Specifications:

Amazing Eddy current brake Has a double step-up drive Max User Weight is 400lbs/181kg 306cm long x 96cm wide x 153cm high (upper hand grips) or 72cm high (lower hand grips at base) Weighs 370lbs/168kg

Product Features:

It has unique contoured handles that provide extreme comfort during the workout. In addition to that, the Cybex Arc Trainer also has longer four-bar linkage arms and therefore doesn?t cause much stress on the wrist while giving a complete shoulder ROM (range of motion) and also reduces stress on your ankle and feet. Furthermore, the movements of the footplates simulate the natural motion of walking leading to a more relaxed and natural feet. Also, this amazing equipment makes use of Eddy current brake

Warranty: 12 months


The Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer 610A is indeed a true masterpiece when it comes to providing the user with a challenging workout while keeping posture in check. Whether refurbished fitness equipment or not, we think that the 610A Total Body Arc Trainer will live up to your expectations.


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Video: Listen to Bob Ward's personal calls

Dateline NBC

'Dateline NBC,' the signature broadcast for NBC News in primetime, premiered in 1992. Since then, it has been pioneering a new approach to primetime news programming. The multi-night franchise, supplemented by frequent specials, allows NBC to consistently and comprehensively present the highest-quality reporting, investigative features, breaking news coverage and newsmaker profiles.


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Google search results now include concert dates

8 hrs.

Are you one of those people who seems to ?always?find out about concerts just a bit too late? If so, then I've got good news for you: Google will now automatically list relevant concert dates when you search for your favorite musicians.

As?Kavi Goel, a Google product manager, explains in a blog post,?Google search results conveniently now include upcoming concert tour dates right under an artist's official website. The tour dates are listed only if the artist will be appearing near your location within the next few months through, so no worries about having search results flooded with distracting data about distant concerts.

The upcoming concert date information is aggregated from several different websites and comes with links which will allow you to purchase tickets. No fuss, no muss.

Now the only thing that's missing is a button which will dispatch a Google employee who'll camp out in front of tour buses in order to collect autographs for you.

Want more tech news, silly puns, or amusing links? You'll get plenty of all three if you keep up with Rosa Golijan, the writer of this post, by following her on?Twitter, subscribing to her?Facebook?posts, or circling her?on?Google+.


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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Google to sell Clearwire stake at 94 percent loss (AP)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]AP - Google Inc. on Friday said it will sell its stake in Clearwire Corp., the struggling operator of a wireless data network. The search company is taking a 94 percent loss on the originally $500 million investment made in 2008.


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Wynn Macau ousts Kazuo Okada from board

(AP) ? Billionaire Steve Wynn stepped up the feud with his former business partner Kazuo Okada on Friday by removing the Japanese tycoon from the board of his Macau casino company.

Wynn Macau's board voted to remove Okada following allegations he made improper payments to Asian gambling regulators, a violation of U.S. anti-corruption laws.

Wynn Macau said its board "resolved" to remove Okada as a non-executive director immediately because it was in the "best interests" of the company.

Okada is the biggest shareholder in Hong Kong-listed Wynn Macau's parent company, Wynn Resorts Ltd. He's fighting attempts by Wynn Resorts to forcibly buy back his 20 percent stake in the U.S. company.

Wynn Resorts is trying to distance itself from the 69-year-old Okada after an investigation by a former FBI director unearthed cash payments and gifts totaling $110,000 to gambling regulators, including regulators in the Philippines.

"After due consideration of the independent report, taking into account the company's high ethical standards, the board determined it was obligated to remove Mr. Okada," a company statement said, citing "unacceptable conduct" by Okada, his employees and associates.

Okada owns his Wynn Resorts stake through his Japan-based casino game company, Universal Entertainment Corp.

Kazuma Ishioka, a spokesman for Universal, said reports of Okada's removal were "extremely regrettable." He wouldn't comment further.

Wynn's ousting of Okada is the latest salvo in a bitter dispute between the two billionaires who are former friends and business partners.

Wynn Resorts said earlier this week that Louis Freeh's investigation uncovered more than three dozen instances over a three-year period in which Okada and his associates engaged in "improper activities for their own benefit." The yearlong probe showed Okada repeatedly violated company conduct policies and U.S. anti-corruption laws, the company said.

Okada, who says he's invested $380 million in Wynn Resorts since 2000, plans to fight Wynn Resorts' attempt to take back his shares in return for a $1.9 billion note.

Freeh's report alleges that Okada, who is developing a casino resort in the Philippines, personally directed payments and gifts to Cristino Naguiat, chairman of the government-owned casino operator and regulator Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp., during a visit by Naguiat and his family to Macau in Sept. 2010.

The money went to "luxury lodging, extravagant dinners, shopping," the report says.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said Friday that Naguiat will be asked to explain his role in the controversy.


Yuri Kageyama in Tokyo and Teresa Cerojana in Manila contributed to this report


Follow Kelvin Chan at

Associated Press


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Italian Renaissance Humanism In Art | NY Essay

The Renaissance, as defined in Merriam-Webster=s dictionary, is the transitional movement in Europe between medieval and modern times beginning in the 14th century in Italy, lasting into the 17th century, and marked by a humanistic revival of classical influence expressed in a flowering of the arts and literature and by the beginnings of modern science. Many dramatic changes occurred during this time in the fields of philosophy, literature, and art. New emphasis was placed on enjoying life and the world around man, and talented individuals sought self-gratification through art and philosophy (Vary). In Italy, the Renaissance presented through literary and art themes a new humanistic conception of man. The rise of the Medici family also held a great role in the sponsorship of the arts.

Humanism was considered to be the most significant intellectual movement of the Renaissance. As its name implies, humanism was a philosophy that was characterized by its blending of the concern of the We write better ! Get Free Quote or Order now!



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Friday, 24 February 2012

How to Build an Igloo

February 24, 2012 6:30 AM

Material: In wind-packed snow, shovel a trench to facilitate cutting the first block. Using a snow knife or snow saw, cut a block 12 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 18 deep. Remove the block from the trench and repeat.

Foundation: Mark the center of the igloo with a stick or ski pole, then trace a circle 6 to 10 feet in diameter. Position blocks along it, using a snow knife to miter the ends for a tight fit.

Construction: Cut a ramp that starts between two blocks and extends halfway around the bottom row. Bevel the tops of the blocks along an imaginary line from the outer edge of the blocks to the igloo's center (1). Trim snow from the bottom of the blocks in higher rows so they touch only at the corners (2), and bevel the tops along the angle of sight to the igloo's center. Stagger the blocks.

Exit Strategy: Dig an exit tunnel, ideally beneath a downhill-facing wall.

Last Steps: Slide the top block (3) sideways through the opening, turn horizontally, and drop into place. Chink gaps between blocks with loose snow. Poke holes for ventilation.


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Analysis: Obama goes on offense over high gasoline prices (Reuters)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters - As Republican presidential candidates toss barbs at Barack Obama over expensive gasoline, the U.S. president and his team are going on the offensive with a strategy to divert blame and prepare voters for higher costs.


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Develop your Self-assurance, Some sort of Beginnin | Grill

How do we be quiet, composed and gaze after security jobs self-assurance in the hard atmosphere? Here are some ideas you might to take into account as the nice secrets for self improvement.

Think about on your own being a Dart Plank. Almost everything and everybody different you meet develop into Dart Hooks, for some part and also other. These kind of dart hooks will eradicate on your own self-esteem and draw you lower in manners you actually wont even try to remember. Dont let them do it damage an individual, and also receive the best of you. So which in turn dart pins in the event you stay away from?

Dart Pin #1 : Adverse Work Environment Watch out for dog take dog concept in which most people are struggling with to succeed. That?s where non-appreciative people commonly blossom. No one could appreciate your advantages even though you lose lunch time and also dinner time, and remain way up delayed. Most of the time you?re free to operate excessive with no finding aid from persons uneasy. Stay using this, it will eventually spoil all by yourself admiration. Competitors are jeopardized wherever. Be healthy sufficient to be able to vie, however in a proper competitors which is.

Dart Personal identification number #2: Many other Peoples Actions Bulldozers, red nosers, gossipmongers, whiners, backstabbers, snipers, individuals going for walks harmed, controllers, naggers, complainers, exploders, patronizers, sluffers all of these types of people will create poor vibes for yourself self-esteem, and to the personal development scheme.

Dart Green #3: Adjusting Surroundings

An individual cant be described as a earth-friendly pester on the dark brown arena. Variations obstacle the paradigms. This lab tests some of our convenience, suppleness along with varies the way in which we presume. Modifications can certainly make lifestyle a hardship on some time, it may cause strain but it surely will let us come across approaches to improve all of our selves. Adjust is going to be at this time there eternally, we need to become at the mercy of it all.

Dart Flag #4: Consider your experience Its okay that will be sad together with claim ouch! whenever we expertise pain. However , dont let soreness completely transform itself within anxiety. It may well get hold of an individual by end together with swing an individual all-around. Handle each one breakdown and mistake for a lessons.

Dart Pin number #5: Damaging Entire world See Take a look at what exactly youre thinking about. Dont wrap on your own up with every one of the negativities around the globe. Around making self worth, we must understand how to take advantage of the outside toughest conditions.

Dart Pin #6: Dedication Way of thinking The way you usually are whilst your conduct properties has been said to become a compounded finish product or service of the learned features (genes), the upbringing (psychic), along with your the planet for example your wife or husband, the provider, this market or maybe ones circle regarding buddies. You have your very own identity. In the event your biological father can be a inability, them doesnt mean you need to be failing very. Study on other peoples encounter, consequently youll never have to expertise the identical blunders.

Oftentimes, you might like to question if perhaps quite a few people tend to be created front runners or simply favorable thinkers. Absolutely no. Becoming favorable, plus staying beneficial is a decision. Establishing self esteem in addition to pulling outlines for self improvement can be a option, an excellent tip or possibly a ability. God wouldnt go down with bliss plus explain George, you could now have this authorization to produce self assurance and improve your self.

In your daily course, it is hard to be challenging especially when elements and the ones close to you preserve tugging a person all the way down. After we get through the struggle discipline, we have to pick the best luggage to take and armors to utilize, as well as go with people that usually are bullet proof. Lifes opportunities impart us with arrays of more options. Along the battle, we?re going to receive click plus bruised. And dressed in the industry standard armor in a perfect world implies self change. The level of switch which usually derives from in just. Under your own accord. Shield or maybe Personally Transform changes 3 or more points: all of our outlook, your behavior in addition to our own mind-set.

Building self esteem will ultimately bring about self improvement if we become the cause of which we?re also, that which we have together with might know about conduct. It?s similar to a fire which will progressively pass on as a comb fire from the inside in addition to away. When we grow confidence, most people manage our quest, principles and also self-control. Self respect leads to self improvement, correct review, as well as persistence. How do we start off developing the walls for self-assurance? Be absolutely sure. Often be contented as well as pleased. End up being grateful. By no means miss the opportunity to compliment. A good way of life just might help you make self confidence, your basic secrets and techniques for self improvement.


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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Conn. prosecutor weighs charges in Christmas blaze

FILE -- In this Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012 file photo Madonna Badger, left, and Michael Borcina, a friend, arrive for the funeral of Badger's three children in New York. Veteran Stamford, Conn. prosecutor David Cohen must make his decision amid an outpouring of grief and sympathy across the country when considering if anyone should face criminal charges for the Christmas Day fire in Stamford that killed three girls and their grandparents. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

FILE -- In this Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012 file photo Madonna Badger, left, and Michael Borcina, a friend, arrive for the funeral of Badger's three children in New York. Veteran Stamford, Conn. prosecutor David Cohen must make his decision amid an outpouring of grief and sympathy across the country when considering if anyone should face criminal charges for the Christmas Day fire in Stamford that killed three girls and their grandparents. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

(AP) ? A prosecutor is deciding whether to file criminal charges in the deaths of three girls and their grandparents on Christmas morning in an accidental blaze that authorities say was started after a contractor discarded a bag of fireplace ashes at the tony shoreline home.

The case has been followed closely in part because of the high profile of the girls' mother, fashion advertising executive Madonna Badger, who escaped the fire along with her friend Michael Borcina, a contractor who had been renovating the $1.7 million Victorian home on Long Island Sound.

While investigators say the blaze was clearly accidental, it's not uncommon for people, including family members, to be charged with crimes such as involuntary manslaughter for unintentionally starting deadly fires.

David Cohen, who has been Stamford's top prosecutor for more than a decade, received a report from police investigators last week and has declined to comment on the case. He has worked on other high-profile cases, including a chimpanzee mauling in which he declined to pursue charges against the animal's owner. Attorneys who have worked with him say he won't be swayed by the emotion surrounding the case.

"His decision-making process is never a rush to judgment," said Howard Ehring, a Stamford public defender. "I've heard him say many times we don't want to prosecute an innocent person nor do we want to prosecute someone who is overcharged."

Authorities have said they believe Borcina placed the ashes in or near an entryway, near the trash of the Stamford home.

The fire killed Badger's 7-year-old twins, Grace and Sarah Badger, 9-year-old daughter, Lily, and Badger's parents, Lomer and Pauline Johnson.

It is unusual for police to make arrests in connection with fires started by improperly discarded fireplace ashes, but there have been examples of relatives being held responsible for other fires.

In Columbus, Ohio, a 34-year-old woman was charged this month with involuntary manslaughter for a December apartment fire that killed her two young daughters. Police say the woman was drunk when she left food cooking on a stove that started the fire.

In Houston, 22-year-old Jessica Tata is charged with murder for a February 2011 fire at her home day care that killed four children and injured three others. Police say she left a stove burner on and left the children alone in the home while she went shopping. Tata has expressed remorse for the children's deaths.

In December, a 54-year-old woman from Wasilla, Alaska, was indicted by a grand jury on a manslaughter charge for accidentally starting a fire that killed her 6-year-old grandson. Prosecutors say that the fire started in her bedroom, where she had been smoking, and that she had been drinking alcohol.

In Connecticut, police say they haven't made a recommendation about possible criminal charges.

Legal experts say if Cohen decides to prosecute, potential charges could include reckless manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide. A manslaughter charge has a high standard in which authorities must show a person was aware of a substantial risk and disregarded it. For criminally negligent homicide, authorities must only prove that the person should have realized there was a danger, said William Dunlap, a Quinnipiac law professor.

Borcina could face heightened scrutiny because of his background as a contractor and his likely knowledge of the dangers of placing the embers near the house, said Stephan Seegar, a Stamford-based criminal defense attorney.

Borcina's attorney, Gene Riccio, declined to comment.

Badger's attorney, Stan Twardy, said, "I'm confident Mr. Cohen will exercise appropriate judgment in this matter."

The investigation also looked at issues related to the renovation and whether smoke detectors were in the house.

There were plans for hard-wired smoke alarms, but they had not been hooked up, officials have said. It was unclear whether battery-operated akarns were being used.

The state building code requires smoke detectors in new home construction, according to Joseph V. Cassidy, acting state building inspector. It also requires that smoke detectors be added in older homes as part of most residential additions or interior alterations, he said.

Prosecutors met Wednesday with the girls' father, Matthew Badger, a television commercial director who lives in New York, and Badger's attorney.

Madonna Badger worked on Calvin Klein campaigns. Fashion designers Calvin Klein and Vera Wang, rocker Lou Reed and actor Philip Seymour Hoffman were among those who attended the girls' funeral in New York.

A case may get a closer look when it's followed by intense media attention, said Hugh Keefe, a prominent defense attorney in New Haven.

"When the media is on a case, it's been my experience the state and federal government act a little more carefully," Keefe said. "But I don't think the ultimate decision is going to be any different."

Defense attorneys who know Cohen say he carefully weighs evidence in cases.

Mark Sherman, a Stamford-based criminal defense attorney, said Cohen isn't pressured by high-profile cases, noting that in 2009, Cohen decided not to prosecute the owner of a chimpanzee that mauled the owner's friend.

"I think he did the right thing, even though the injuries were devastating," Sherman said.

However, Cohen did charge a swimming pool company president with second-degree manslaughter in connection with the drowning of a 6-year-old boy because Cohen said the company failed to install a required safety device. David Lionetti last year pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide, a misdemeanor, and was spared prison time.


Associated Press writer Dave Collins in Hartford contributed to this story.

Associated Press


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Volunteer Opportunities for Kids and Teens in Brooklyn - Brooklyn ...

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids and Teens in Brooklyn As a kid growing up in the city, I learned that giving back to the community was important. As an adult, I lost sight of that importance. Like most mamas, in the midst of having a baby, holding down the home dynamic, working outside of the home, or inside of the home, it was quite easy to simply forget to continue to give back.

It also seems impossible to ?give back? when you have an extra mouth to feed. Giving back does not necessarily mean giving back monetarily. Donating your time as a volunteer to a community project, or person, is a big help, and quite fulfilling on a personal level. Many programs are open to any and all help, so they open their doors to kids and teens.

So, Brooklyn Mamas,?was happy to round up some volunteering opportunities that the whole family (including my own) can partake in.

Brooklyn Children?s Museum
If your teenager likes museums, and kids, then this is the perfect volunteer opportunity. The Brooklyn Children?s Museum?currently has three positions available for volunteers. Museum Greater: As a greater for The Brooklyn Children?s Museum, you will be required to welcome all museum guest with a friendly, helpful, and responsive demeanor. Membership Associate: Maintain the highest standards of friendly, helpful, and responsive customer service at all times, communicate well with visitors; remain polite, courteous, and helpful at all times, and answer and return phone calls from Museum members, helping to answer questions and solve problems. Phone Operator: Answer incoming phone calls and route to specific departments, and answer questions and solve visitors? issues.

Contact for More Information: (718) 735-4400 x160


City Meals on Wheels

This particular organization is very close to my heart. A couple of years ago, City Meals on Wheels, delivered food to my grandmother daily. She had limited mobility, so to have someone come, around the same time everyday with a warm meal was very special to her. Not only did they provide a warm, delicious, healthy meal, they also always provided her with a good conversation and a guaranteed visitor. That is what many of New York City?s elderly, are looking for?a meal, and a friend. According to the 2000 census there was 1 million elderly in New York City. In the year 2000 Brooklyn had the most, taking the lead, calling home to 30% of that population. You can deliver a meal by yourself, with your partner, or with your kids.

Information: You can download the application at and email it to


After School Homework Helper
There is no better way to help the community, than to help the children in our community. You or your teen can go to the closest Brooklyn Public Library and volunteer as a Homework Helper. You will assist children one-on-one and in small groups with assignments in math, science, social studies, and other topics, providing direction, clarity, and understanding.

Information: You can fill out an online application at?


Community Garden
Most of us here in Brooklyn, have at least one community garden, near our homes. I know I have about three. Those gardens constantly need a little love and attention, so why not take the whole family to volunteer and clean it up in the colder weather, and plant in the warmer weather?

Information: You can see a list of your local gardens at


If you are a teen, or a adult, you can always visit your local YMCA,?and volunteer in the child care programs, or their after school programs. If you own a company, you can also get involved as a cooperate volunteer. You and your company can fall into any of these three categories: Youth Development, Healthy Living, or Social Responsibility.

Information: Visit to learn more.




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Framing Rick Santorum (Michellemalkin)

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Legal History Blog: Gordon on the Trial of Peter Von Hagenbach:

Gregory Gordon, University of North Dakota School of Law, has posted The Trial of Peter Von Hagenbach: Reconciling History, Historiography and International Criminal Law.? Here is the abstract:????
It is an article of faith among transnational penal experts that Sir Peter von Hagenbach's 1474 prosecution in Breisach for atrocities committed serving the Duke of Burgundy constitutes the first international war crimes trial in history. Hagenbach was tried before an ad hoc tribunal of twenty-eight judges from various regional city-states for misdeeds, including murder and rape, he allegedly perpetrated as governor of the Duke's Alsatian territories from 1469 to 1474. Though it remains obscure in the popular imagination, most legal scholars perceive the trial as a landmark event. Some value it for formulating an embryonic version of crimes against humanity. Others praise it for ostensibly charging rape as a war crime. And all are in agreement that it is the first recorded case in history to reject the defense of superior orders. Such a perspective has arguably helped invest the Nuremberg trials with greater historical legitimacy and lent subtle sanction to the development of international criminal law in the post-Cold War world. But the legal literature typically deals with the trial in very cursory fashion and its stature as pre-Nuremberg precedent may hinge on faulty assumptions. As the 1990s explosion of ad hoc tribunal activity is nearing its end and the legal academy is taking stock of its accomplishments and failures, it is perhaps time to look more closely at the Hagenbach trial. This piece does that by digging below the surface and revisiting some of the historical and legal premises underlying the trial's perception by legal academics.

In the main, international law specialists have relied on older historical accounts to conclude that Hagenbach's service as Burgundy's Alsatian bailiff constituted a five-year reign of terror that culminated in a legitimate and ground-breaking atrocity conviction. But revisionist historians tend to see Hagenbach's ordeal not as a good-faith justice enterprise but rather as a show trial meant to rebuff the territorial ambitions of Sir Peter's master, Charles the Bold. They emphasize that liability was grounded on confessions obtained through torture. And while they concede that Hagenbach may have been boorish and autocratic, they note that the first few years of his rule were relatively pacific and the 1474 uprising against Sir Peter was primarily a reaction to attempted Burgundian regional encroachments and perceived feudal suppression of growing urban and bourgeois prerogatives. The trial itself, they point out, was not international at all as the men who sat in judgment of Hagenbach were all subjects of the Holy Roman Empire. Nor was it a war crimes trial, since there was no armed conflict at the time the alleged atrocities took place. But there are shortcomings in the revisionist analysis as well. The high level of animosity shown Hagenbach, as demonstrated by the severity of the torture and the stripping of his knighthood, indicate that the atrocity allegations may not be unfounded. Moreover, there is evidence that Burgundy's occupation of the territory was hostile and so the charges against Hagenbach may very well be considered war crimes. Finally, by 1474, the Holy Roman Empire was no longer a viable political entity and so the ad hoc tribunal may indeed have been international in nature.?
It is no coincidence that such a unique event took place between the erosion of medieval hegemony and the imminent establishment of Westphalian sovereignty. Not until the Westphalian veil was pierced by the Nuremberg trials nearly five hundred years later, did the subject of the Hagenbach trial take on contemporary relevance in the legal literature. In the end, the piece concludes that while some of its details may be lost in the mists of time and its legal status may remain muddled in theoretic gray zones, the Hagenbach trial should continue to play an important role as an historic and conceptual pillar of international criminal law's "pre-history."


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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Santorum 'super' PAC returned big foreign donation

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, shakes hands after speaking at the Kent County Lincoln Day Dinner, Monday, Feb. 20, 2012, in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, shakes hands after speaking at the Kent County Lincoln Day Dinner, Monday, Feb. 20, 2012, in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum speaks at the Kent Countyh Lincoln Day Dinner, Monday, Feb. 20, 2012, in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

(AP) ? A super political action committee supporting Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has refunded a $50,000 donation from a London-based securities firm.

A spokesman for the group said Tuesday that the action was taken because the contribution could have violated a U.S. law that guards against foreign money in American political campaigns.

The donation returned last month was the first acknowledged evidence of foreign money surfacing in the 2012 presidential race. The concern has worried political observers following a landmark 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that removed restrictions on corporate and individual donations to political committees supporting presidential candidates.

Stuart Roy, the spokesman for the Red, White and Blue super PAC, said the $50,000 donation made in January by Liquid Capital Markets Ltd. originated with an American executive at the firm. The money was returned, Roy said, because the donation was mistakenly drawn from the foreign firm's accounts.

Under U.S. law, foreign corporations, individuals and governments have been prohibited since 1966 from providing funds for national elections ? a ban the Supreme Court upheld earlier this year.

But the court's earlier ruling in the case of Citizens United enabled U.S. corporations and other well-financed donors to give money to political committees that avoid direct coordination with individual campaigns. Later rulings gave these super PACs more latitude by allowing donors to make unlimited donations with minimal disclosure, which spurred alarm about hidden donations from foreign sources.

The Associated Press reported less than two weeks ago, before the disclosure about the $50,000 refund, on growing concerns among election law experts about the prospect of illegal foreign donations because of the massive amounts of money flowing to the super PACs and lax oversight of disclosure. One Federal Election Commission member, Cynthia L. Bauerly, warned of the potential for circumventing existing rules.

Roy said the $50,000 donation was proposed by an American executive at Liquid Capital Markets in London. Roy said the executive informed super PAC officials he intended to make the donation then mistakenly provided the money from the firm's accounts ? which would have violated the ban on foreign money.

Red, White and Blue's officials noticed the discrepancy and quickly returned the donation, Roy said.

"We had spoken to one of the executives there who's an American citizen," he said. "But instead of sending the money himself, he sent it from the company."

Roy did not identify the executive, but Liquid Capital Market's website describes its CEO, Chris Siepman, and his brother, Gregg Siepman, a co-founder of the company, as Americans. There was no immediate response to attempts by the AP to reach Chris Siepman or other Liquid Capital officials.


Associated Press writer Gregory Katz in London contributed to this report.

Associated Press


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Tips and Ideas for Bedroom Furniture and ... - Home Improvement

Home ? Home Decor ? Tips and Ideas for Bedroom Furniture and Bedroom Decor

Choosing bedroom furniture is a complex thing, they like to choose from is endless. You must have a thorough consideration to design a bedroom to your liking. You should consider the theme, lighting, color, and atmosphere you want.?Of course, the budget is one important point to it all. For that you must have a priority for your bedroom, so you?re not too dizzy to think what should you do to your bedroom decor. Home decor has the best tips and ideas for bedroom furniture and bedroom decor, you can read below.

As we have said, you should have a priority for your bedroom, both in terms of bedroom lighting, complete the theme you are using, move to follow the trend of the bedroom, or just change the color of the walls and floor of your bedroom. By having these priorities, then you will not be glued to buy matching bedroom sets.

Bedroom Furniture and Bedroom Decor Tips and Ideas for Bedroom Furniture and Bedroom Decor

You can use a French-style bedroom furniture with oriental influences to complement the bedroom decor with contemporary style. Effects of bedroom furniture is more striking and unique. Bedroom furniture that has the basic ingredients oak, mahogany, and pine is a very classic. They can easily compensate for a contemporary style. For that we want to encourage you to explore the bedroom furniture and decor from magazines and web sites. You will get many inspirations there.

Shades of gray are used for the bedroom decor has become a trend for the time being, although limited to one wall only. But you can consider the use of bright or bold color to your bedroom wall. For the problem of wall paint, you should be able to adjust to your bedroom furniture.

Original Post In >> >> Tips and Ideas for Bedroom Furniture and Bedroom Decor

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    When you want to do bedroom renovation, the main thing you should do is planning a bedroom design. With planning, you can save time and money. You can use software to create a bedroom design to your liking, this is the best way. After you create bedroom designs, you can apply them in practice. This
  • Girls bedroom designGirls Bedroom Feminine Design
    Girls Bedroom Design, Hi, this time the Home Improvement will give you tips on bedroom design, particularly for women. Girls bedroom many of which use the color pink and it is identical with that which the woman describes the color of love, a cheerful yellow, and purple is mysterious. Why do not you try another
  • Bedroom FurnitureThe Selection Of Bedroom Furniture
    Bedroom Furniture ? Having a Bedroom Furniture complete with accessories, of a dream of most householders. Particularly if the status and quality that a primary purpose, then the choice of an acceptable Bedroom Furniture is an absolute necessity. Sort of possibility that you just purchase ought to match your temperament. However don?t forget, you?ve got
  • Bedroom Lighting TipsBedroom Lighting
    Bedroom lighting is an important point you should consider. You must ensure that lighting your bedroom in a good condition. As you might know that the bedroom thinking about some kind of lighting that can be used. You can use the bedroom lighting schemes such as overhead fixtures, table lamps and sconces. This time, Home


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Business Marketing Marketing Articles | Business Articles

Do you notice how most entrepreneurs are starting to use the Internet to promote their business? Well, this is not really surprising considering the obvious popularity of Internet among people regardless of the age group.

Read Full Article Here: Business Marketing on 21 February 2012

Start Living Your DREAM LIFE for Just $20. It really is possible to live your dreams.


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