Friday, 7 September 2012

Anish Upadhaye, Yash Lad beat Kiran Kumar, Kiran M in Karnataka ...

Anish Upadhaye, Yash Lad beat Kiran Kumar, Kiran M in Karnataka State Ranking Badminton Tournament

The young but spirited campaigners Anish Upadhaye and Yash Lad showed superb coordination and confounded Kiran Kumar G-Kiran M in the semi-finals of Belgaum 3 Star Karnataka State Ranking Badminton Tournament on September 4, 2012.

This 20-minute encounter was part of Boy?s Doubles Under-17 event played at Belgaum in India.

Both semi-finalist pairs put laudable efforts to claim a spot in the title match of the tournament but Anish and Yash proved themselves superior and sealed a splendid straight-set victory with 22-20 and 21-11 margin.

The top seeded duo Kiran Kumar-Kiran M failed to revive its lost chemistry and knelt down in crucial moments of the battle.

In first set of the match, both contenders challenged each other in all areas of the game and made the crowd gasp with a breath-taking performance.

The twosome of Anish and Yash took some time to read their rivals? strategy and kept trailing behind in couple of preliminary rallies.

However, they counter-balanced the situation by gathering some valuable points in a row. They maintained a decent edge until one-minute interval.

At half time, Kiran Kumar and Kiran M were couple of steps behind their competitors but they made swift progress immediately after the break and reinstated their dominance.

They kept on moving forward at steady pace but couple of fatal mistakes weakened their grip in the third quarter of the game.

Anish and Yash did not squander this counter-attack opportunity and finished the first set with a favourable score position of 22-20.

The second set heated with some back-to-back gruelling rallies as both teams strived hard to tip the scale in their favour.

They put all in their possession to achieve their respective goals but neither of them could gain a permanent lead.

This nerve-racking situation locked them in a tough competition and they kept chasing each other all the way to the one-minute break.

After the interval, Anish and Yash showed a transformed character and kept the bird under control. They did not falter at any stage of the game and outclassed the opposing team technically and tactically.

The twosome of Kiran Kumar and Kiran M could not end their bad patch and knelt down after reading a decisive figure of 21-11.


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